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JC Squared is Jennifer Caldwell and Jason Chakravarty. Individually they are glass artists each with over 20 years working primarily in glass. Jennifer, a glass artists, with a strong lampworking background and Jason with glass casting. In 2012, they began collaborating. Together they cast, torch, blow, print, grind, cut and blend glass. Ideas driven by traveling, seeing, touching, feeling and tasting they translate these transitory yet notable experiences into forms, textures, and imagery. Collaboratively these artists create high-end glass works using many nontraditional techniques. Given the value of time and material as a commodity, process experimentation holds a strong currency. JC Squared is a laboratory platform to test not only the physical and aesthetic success of new ideas and process but a way to access the general public’s response. Much in the way a chef would test new recipes in small batches with close friends prior to featuring it as a full course. Jennifer and Jason are able to try out new color techniques, printed enamel decals, and themes. The process is constant as the evolution of their work thus something as simple as drinking glasses take on a completely new identity each year as they feed into larger and more substantial sculptural pieces.



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